Disaster Recovery

You got hacked.  It happens to everyone (unless you’re one of our customers).  The key is NOT to panic or make things worse than they already are by trying to fix it yourself.

All may not be lost.  Depending on what systems you currently have in place, there may be a way we can assist you.

While not our core business, we can of course assist with any emergencies to the best of our ability.  Even if that means referring someone else to get the job done.  We focus on being proactive, but still understand what to do to be reactive.

Our Emergency Response Team, or a local partner, can come to your office and review your systems to see what has happened, what caused it, and try to recover lost data or corrupted files.  We will suggest fixes and solutions to meet your needs. Our goal is to help you get back on your feet, and back to business.

Call Us at 866-666-4235 to speak to a specialist today.