How to Cum More During Sex – Pro Tips to Cum Like a Porn Star!

If you want to cum more like a pornstar, you need guidance from a bunch of people who have been there done that!

If you want to cum more like a pornstar, you need guidance from a bunch of people who have been there done that!

Watching porn sometimes make you think where all these cum from? I mean the porn stars shoot them like a never-ending shot that almost gives them never-ending pleasure.

Well, it’s true, most men cannot handle when it comes to stop or control the ejaculation. This is where you lost the very first sight of staying late during sex.

According to the health report by the World Health Organization, a normal person ejaculates semen volume between 0.8-7.6 milliliters. Men like us who are average when it comes to semen volume are in the range between 3-5 ml.

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How to Cum More?

So how does the porn star cum so much despite having such hot babes around them who exactly know how to release the fluid within a MINUTE!!!

How To Cum More Like A Pornstar

We accumulated some very facts or you can say tips about how to cum more or stay late in the game.

These points are gathered by world-class porn stars both from new age and early 80’s who not only performed naturally for hours but shot a whole bucket of cum in their lifetime.

The natural semen volume indeed begins to drop after the ’30s but there is nothing to be worried now.

These days we have numerous ways to resolve these health issues, I mean, if they could find a cure for cancer I’m sure finding treatment for ED or semen volume would be much easier.

Just follow our 4 pro tips to To Shoot Bigger Loads!

Following tips can help you boost the semen volume, which affects the level of testosterone hormone.

Don’t panic, the just everyday steps you can take to make it better! Learn this basic secrets on how to shoot a huge Cum loads more powerfully.

1) Stop Masturbating

Tips For Stopping Masturbation

Unless and until you leave the habit of wanking too often, you are not going to have anything in the reservoir.

I mean, where do you think the excess amount of cum produces in the porn stars?

They don’t jerk off much often and they store it in their session, intake of the male enhancement supplements is also the case, but for now, stopping masturbation can elevate the cum volume if you have been a bad boy!

Also, stop watching porn videos because they are the main reason for your wanking addiction.

2) Improve Eating and Drinking Habits

Studies suggest that quitting alcohol consumption and smoking can increase the semen volume in males.

It’s mainly your immune system that can’t get enough energy to generate cum since they are busy fighting against the contaminants you are providing in a shape of chain-smoking and perpetual alcohol consumption.

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Cutting down these things can minimize the stress ad let you have a good night’s sleep. Replacing a can of soda with herbal tea can get you the maximum number of antioxidants, which plays a major role in increasing semen volume.

How to increase sperm count by food?
food to increase his sperm count

Eat vegetables and maintain the diet, which boosts testosterone in men.

Here are some foods that have essential nutrients which helps you cum more during sex.

  • Nuts
  • Fish like Salmon, Cod, Tuna
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Bananas
  • Oyster or any type of Shellfish
  • Garlic containing cuisines
  • Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise like aerobics is important for maintaining semen volume.

Weight lifting helps you boost the level of natural testosterone, which is the primary hormone to generate more cum.

Exercise has many benefits including improving the sex timings because it strengthens the pelvic muscle so you can control the shot load and make it longer.

Men who perform resistance-based exercise daily have experienced a significant boost in testosterone levels.

3) Squeezing Technique

It’s a technique to control the ejaculation and have more sperm in volume.

The pause-squeeze technique

This technique is very different from Edging technique which involves mental control to think you will not cum which sometimes fails.

In squeezing technique,  you gently hold the tip of your penis until the desire to shoot the cum goes away.

You can do it multiple times depending on how long your partner wants to take it.

At last, you can experience the maximum cum load which you have been storing for a certain amount of times.

4) Kegel Exercises

Aforementioned technique is similar to the Kegel exercise, only it’s done while you are alone.

Step-by-step guide to performing Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are the most potent method to have delayed sex and ejaculate more.

This exercise builds your pelvic muscles and also involves squeezing technique to generate pressure inside the penis.

Men who do Kegel exercise daily for weeks were able to shoot the load like cowboys going mad!

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Natural Supplements for More Semen Volume

There are some potent herbal supplements which help you get the maximum results.

Do not go with the pharmaceutical components because that’s not what we are talking about here.

Buy Volume pills for increase sperm volume

Natural supplements to cum more include amino acids like L-Arginine, aphrodisiacs such as Tribulus Terrestris with other components which make you cum with a great load.

These supplements, according to user and expert’s reviews increase 10% of load volume.

Shooting Cum in Porn is Real!

To be the porn star, you don’t only need a huge cock, but also mental power which helps you gain maximum control over the orgasm.

BIGGER LOADS - Shoot More Cum

It all depends on various factors which can be improved if you follow on the tips given to you above.

These tips will help you cum like a porn star by improving your biology, physical performance and mental state which all that counts in the sex.

Unhappy endings are the worse if you find natural supplements to semen volume make sure you buy the ones which have L-Arginine and Lecithin sort of elements.